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Multilingual support on database level in SalesForce

Hi I have question in Multilingual support of database level
in SalesForce.


If I have organization that uses 3 languages, is  there automated solution for creating
multiple language tables for one object?


For example if I have one object Product, is there automated
solution that will create three tables for Product_US, Product_De, Product_GR?


Usage of such system is when on one international
organization, manager in GR can read reports on Greek, when something is
created in US.


Sounds like you're trying to re-invent the wheel. The transation workbench will do this for you without the need for multiple objects (tables) for each language. Admittedly there are some limitations to this but I would like to think it'll meet your needs. Let me know if you want any specific info?






There is limitation in Translation Workbench that I would like to ower ride.
If am using English as default language, I would like to have object PRODUCTs on ALL  languages.
In Translation Wokbench I can have just two.

Kind Regards