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Change password page for first time users in Force.com sites



I have enable customer portal and am using Force.com sites with customer portal authorisation.

In the sandbox when a user is provided access they receive a temp password in their email and when the first try to login into the sites they are redirected to the change password page so that they can change the temp password.

I deployed the same code into production. Here the first time users are getting redirected to the home page directly without going to the Change password page where they can change the temp password.


Why is this happening? Am i missing any settings.





Sounds like your code is referencing the sandbox environment somewhere so it's having problems autenticating. Check that you don't have any URL references anywhere pointing to the sandbox!

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

If you can provide your code here then it will be helpful for us, as I am also in doubt that your code is referring the sandbox url somewhere. But it should not redirect you to the home page, this is strange. (I am hoping this is happening with the new user)



Ankit Arora

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The code is same as the standard one provided by Salesforce when we enable Sites. I have not made any changes to the SiteLogin controller that was provided by default just changed the startURL by setting

startURL = '/apex/portalHome'

This is same in both sandbox and production. Another thing

If i use the forgot password and reset the password for the user, when the user logs in first time with the reset password then they are redirected to the change password page. 





Hi All,


I am facing the same issue. After creating the portal user and first login attempt it is not asking the change password it's directly redirecting to portal home page . Please let me know any issue.

Sravanthi YaravaSravanthi Yarava
Hi, did you find out a solution for this? Salesforce said it is working as designed. Any help would be appreciated.
Mark MaslowMark Maslow
If the profile of the community user is set for Password Never Expires, they will not be asked to set their password when they click on the link in the welcome email. Uncheck that option for the profile to make them set their password before the first log in.
Thank you Mark. The provided solution helpful.