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How can i pull a value from the account into the Opportunity

I want to be able to pull a value into the Opportunity from the account, and be able to use it as a workflow function. It cannot be a formula field for this reason.


More detail:

A field called AE on the Account which is a look up to the user table and is filled in by a user. I want to be able to pull this same value into the opportunity and be able to trigger a workflow that will email that user that i will be pulling in.


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You need triggers for this if you can't use Formula Fields; you also can't use Workflow Field Updates if you intend to send the email in a rule that would trigger after the field is populated, because the rules run "in parallel" for all intents and purposes. Instead, use a "before insert" or "before update" trigger on the opportunity, and possibly an "after update" trigger on the account if you want to possibly notify an AE of opportunity reassignment. I could write up a sample for you tomorrow if you'd like, as I'm headed off for the night.