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Adding Database.com licenses to a Force.com EE org?

Does anyone know if it will be possible to add Database.com licenses (for standard users, light users, records and transactions) to a Force.com EE org? Or, the reverse (add Force.com licenses to a Database.com org).


I'm considering using Database.com as the "back end" for a customer-facing app (built on rails). But, I'd like to leverage Force.com features (i.e., form builder, reports, etc.) to view the data from an internal perspective. And, I'll probably bump up from Force.com EE licenses, to CRM EE licenses at some point (to manage opportunities, marketing campaigns, cases, etc.). Basically, I want to know if this can all happen in a single org.


I would assume that I could start with Database.com and then "upgrade" by adding Force.com/CRM licenses, but I've seen no actual documentation that states this. Does anyone have any insight?


Crickets!!! Is this a crazy question? Why can't anyone answer? Should I post this somewhere else?


Shadrich, what type of licenses did you end up using?




Any latest update on this ?

Thank you.




I have the same problem.