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Urgent: About sforce API?


I have downlaoded "sforce_API_developer_guide"...   however, this api is not enough for me to develop application since there has missing fields I need.

For example, I want to access "Account" detail, then I need to know what information can I get, like "Account ID", "Account Name", etc........

If I want to get the ID, then I need "getID".  If I need Account Name, then I need "getName", etc....

However, that API didn't provide the enough information for me to get detail. Please let me know where can I find the api include all the things I need.



Hmm - the API 2.5 documentation should have detailed information on accessing Account data fields; your Axis-generated Account object will have getters and setters for Name and ID.

Have you taken a look at the Java sample? That will also show you how to do it.
Not to be a nag, but I can relate to this.  It would be nice to have a data dictionary of the standard fields for the standard sforce objects.  As someone new to Salesforce.com this was confusing.  However, now that I now how to go to my WSDL-generated classes I can get around ok.
Certaintly not being a nag - we appricate the feedback.

You are looking for a clearing listing of the standard objects/fields? Or am I missing something else?