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Problem with administration of Documents folder.



I am having problem with the documents folder in our company. some users have personal documents which are not visible to others. they want those documents to be visible to others. 


my questions are 


1) what are the points I have to check for. 

2) how to make changes in the production environment for profiles.


I would appreciate any help.


Anything in the personal folder is exactly just that, personal. Not even admins can access this, so the users have to move the doc's to public ones.


1) Not sure what this means.

2) Just go to admin setup, manage users, profiles, but like I said above if they are in the personal folder you are in a bind.




The users are complaining that they are getting differnet views for the same "documents tab". Where do I cange the settings in production?



Jia HuJia Hu
You can use API to access the Document in Personal Folder.

When the document in the Personal Folder, the FolderId = UserId

If you have too many documents to process, use WS Soap API, or you can use Apex to process,....

Simply steps:
1. Make a new folder for temp use,
2. Copy the Document from the Personal Folder and insert into the temp folder
3. Delete the old copy in the Personal Folder,..