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Status Update in Approval Process of Contract

Hi Board

I ran into a problem.Here is the whole scenario

I have approval process on contract. After the contract is approved there is no problem.But if the contract is being rejected then the records are unlocked for further editing.But when they are unlocked the status feild has a picklist which includes approved also in it .Is there a way i can restrict std users to select this feild after contract rejection.Approved will be a feild update in the approval process after contract is approved.
Thanks a lot for the help guys.Keep up the good work all.....Thanks 




You can have a hidden field  (Not present in any page layout) of type checkbox.

On Rejection action of the Approval process, update the value of this field to "true".

Create a validation rule that if the field value is "true" and picklist value changed and current value is approved then throw error.


I hope this would help you.