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Hi all, It is possible to create an application to clone an inbound changeset to an outbound changeset .kindly let me any possiblities and provide me description with deails asap Thanks!



There's no access to a change set other than through the browser. And from what I see there's no standard object for them either. So you cannot use apex to work on them.


In what scenario would you need to clone an inbound set to an outbound one?


You could try to look into the ant tool. There you have the inbound files located on your hdd and you can create a batch file to copy and start an outbound migration(long shot I know, but I can't think of anything else).





Nope.  Native support for that is under consideration: https://sites.secure.force.com/success/ideaView?id=08730000000J9NP.


For now, it is a purely manual process.