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Inserting Assets using DataLoader

I am trying to insert assets using the data loader but it does not give me the assets object in the list of objects.  Also I can't find a "New" assets button when I go into Products.


I am the Administrator and I can do everythign else so what is the story with Assets.


Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

Is Assets an object, check with in the objects


Well it has Fields, Page Layouts, Buttons & Links and even two Triggers so if it is not an object it is doing a very good job pretending.



Assets are not shown by default in the Apex Data Loader. Use the "Show All Salesforce Objects" checkbox.


And you can't create assets from a product. You can only create them from an account.


Hi, what do you mean by that? Why I can't create an asset from a product?


I was actually incorrect on that matter, for which I apologize. I'm not sure if that function has always been there, or if it is new, but either way, you can indeed create an asset from a product record. The one caveat is that the asset will require either a contact or account to be selected, and so most users would probably rather create the asset from the account.