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Data.com in Developer Edition?

How / where do I enable Data.com in a developer org? SFDC Help indicates that it is available ----


Data.com available in: Contact ManagerDeveloperEnterpriseGroup,Professional, and Unlimited Editions

Data.com Clean available in: DeveloperEnterpriseProfessional, and UnlimitedEditions


SFDC Help also states "You can find out by going to the Data.com Licenses & Limits page. Click Your NameSetup | Data.com Administration | Licenses & Limits."  However, I don't have a "Data.com Administration" option under Setup.





I am wondering about the same. Did you get an answer?





Andrew SchellAndrew Schell

Hi Guys,

I noticed that this had been un answered and I was facing this issue today and figured I could answer it.

Setup/Manage Users/user
Click edit then change the "Data.com User Type" to user
change the "Data.com Monthly Addition Limit" to 50, 100 or up to 600 per month.

Enjoy. Let me know if that answers your question with a thumbs up

ghazala malikghazala malik
Hi Guys,
I do not have "Data.com User Type" to add to user and also I do not have "Data.com" in feature licenses. Any help on how to figure this out?
ghazala malikghazala malik
has anyone run into this problem where the Data.com is not showing up at all in Setup in Developer Edition?