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Save to server from IDE on project doesn't resolve dependencies



Our project is getting bigger and   we have more and more Save to server problems from the IDE.


If I try to push our actual version to a new org from the IDE by selecting Save to server on the src directory it shows 250 errors with really light information like:

"Save error: An error occured on your page"


Now we undesrtood that this one means there's a relation to a VF page which doesn't exist (in this case because of the dependency problkem before). Then we try to save the VF page but it needs the controller. Obviously this kind of circle dependency is supposed to be resolved by the metadata API but seems to fail early in the process and stops resolving any further dependency.



The worst part: I started resolving every dependency manually and ... everything worked! I managed to save every file to the server. Now (after 7hours of dependency resolving) we do not have any more information about where to start.


Did anybody ever have this problem?


Do you know any way of resolving the dependency issue or only where to start?









You are not alone. I recently moved a small app from my dev org to a partner dev org using the IDE and wound up with 20+ errors which I ended up resolving one at a time. I don't recall any circular dependancies at that time, but sometimes when I amended an object so it could be saved then half a dozen error messages vanished and some other items got saved.

I seem to recall duplicate child relationship names in some objects (no idea how that happened) but fixing the metadata allowed the save.

Would love to know if there is a method to fixing this.