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Queues migration


Do anyone know how to migrate Queues (Leads, cases, etc) from one sandbox to another ? I am not seeing any provision to do so using the eclipse tool nor the ANT. Please help if you have any thoughts (I have a whopping 110 queues which I dont want to migrate manually).

Any hints folks ?

Please drop an email to discuss this.




Did you try to use any open source ETL tool? e.g Apatar

Hi Start_s,

No I haven't tried Apatar yet. I do not have admin privileges to install it in our network. I know snapshot might help with it but dont have the license yet. I was wondering how people normally move queues or Assignment rules during incremental developments.




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I'm sure you've migrated the data a time ago yet want to leave here some advice for other users who struggle with the similar issue or if another data migration is needed.

Use a third-party tool Data2CRM to migrate data from CRMs (e.g.Salesforce) to any Salesforce edition directly. No specific tech skills and API access are requested.

Take a look at the service on AppExchange

Hope, it is useful advice