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Siddhesh KabeSiddhesh Kabe 

Custom Approval process

Is it possible to create a custom approval process where I can enable forced approval.


A possible scenario is that...


I need to close a deal and the discount rate has been send for approval to the manager.

In this case,  if the manager is on leave and the thing remains unapproved to 2-3 days, it should be automatically moved to the delegated manager.


If the delegated manager approves, then the first manager is kept in loop and he knows the process has been approved.

Another probable condition is like...having a forced approval if the process isn't approved.



Have you figured out any solution yet? I'm facing the same situation right now.


The only solution I can come up with is to schedule a batch job that runs nightly and looks at the ProcessInstance object to see when it was created and if the status is still pending.  You could then reassign it to the delegated approver in the ProcessInstanceWorkItems table after a certain number of days.


I'm writing a trigger to auto reassign to another user based on some other criteria, so I'll post it when I'm finished.


If anyone has another idea, I'd love to hear it.

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