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soql filter by file field

Trying to query an article type using soql. I'd like to return a list of all articles of that type that have a custom file field that is not null.


Anyone have any hints how to do this?


The field is named Documentation_link__c in the article type customization screen. I try to filter by that fieldname, but I get an error saying the field name does not exist.


Looking at the schema explorer, I see that the field is broken down into Documentation_Link__Name__s, Documentation_Link__Length__s, Documentation_Link__ContentType__s 


Unfourtunately, if I try to filter by any of those field, I get an error saying , "field X can not be filtered in a query call".



Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Can you please share the exact Label , API name and type of fields.


You can't have a long area text field (including rich text area) in a SOQL Where clause.





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