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Hi all,


Under Workflow, why we can't add "Time-Dependent Workflow Actions" when we have opted “Every time a record is created or Edited" under “Evaluation Criteria”?





Time-Dependent Workflow Actions will be only available for top two options.

(1) When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria

(2) Only when a record is created.






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Time dependent workflow actions are attached to time triggers.  A time trigger is a defined interval, measured in hours or days before or after any date or date/time field on the object.


The possible reason that it cannot be used when "Every time a record is created or edited", because it would create a long queue of workflow actions to be completed in the future!!


I think forcefit is correct. It will create a large queue which may hamper the Salesforce server performance.

Amal DominicAmal Dominic
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