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Auto Update Campaign Member Status

Hello eveyone,


If I send a contact  by e-mail an invitation to a conference, is there any way to clic and confirm assistance and directly update his campaign member status?


We don't want to update campaign members one by one... :smileywink:


Regards, and have a nice Thursday!!




What you are wanting could be done, but it would require you to set up an integration of some sort.  The click (either fired from the email recipient or from a process on your end) could make an API call to the OSAP API or to an Apex exposed service.  This would then update the status, either by performing a lookup based on email or by using the CampaignMemberID (you would need to associate that info some way in the email or button).


A middle option would be to use the Mass Update wizard, where you update the records from some import file (Open a Campaign, and use the Multi-Button "Manage Members" and select to update with a file).  Finally, you could do a mass update from a list view.  This would require a user to do it, but it would not be one-by-one.


Hope this helps.