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SSO Deep link - Ping

Hello SF champs,


I wanted to understnad how Deep linking (redirecting user after authenticating via SSO) works. We have email going out from SF, and we would like to have links, that would take user to Ping server for authentication, once authenticated, redirect them to specific page in SF (we would have the SF Id in the link in the email). 


I found this documentatoin from PingIdentity: http://documentation.pingidentity.com/display/SFC/SP-Initiated+SSO+via+Deep+Linking

that basically explains the same, but from what I understand, the user need to be already authenticated for deep linking to work. 


Is that true? Can't we redirect the user for the very first time they login?


Appreciate your time. 





You should be able to. You can use frontdoor.jsp to cause this effect. This has been posted before, but here's a recap:



Assuming {session} is valid, and {start-page} is properly URL-encoded, your user will end up right where they wanted to be.




Thanks for quick response. I am SF developer and trying to help my IT guy, who manages Ping, so please excuse for silly questions. 


So, we have delagated URL in SF: https://pngause01.silabs.com/pf-salesforce-service-4.1/services/AuthenticationService. 

How can I pass SF id along with URL for Deep Linking?

can something like this be posible https://pngause01.silabs.com/pf-salesforce-service-4.1/services/AuthenticationService?retURL=/001XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


I did not get the solution you mention. Do you have any link I can follow?


My IT guy says there is no way you can redirect the user when he tries to login for the first time, if he has already authenticated, then probably it is possible. but I do not beleive it.