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colors of the leyend

Hello everyone!!



I have a Dashboard with several pies. Each one represents one team of the company but, the colors of the leyend It's not the same for all of them. Is It possible to select the colors? It would make It more...understandable!




Thanks in advance!!


If your groupings are based on picklist values, you can select the colors.  Go to Setup and find your field -- display the detail page for the field and you should see a button called "Chart Colors".  Here's additional info from Help & Training:


Click Chart Colors and select an option to assign colors to picklist values for use in charts:


  • Assign fixed colors to all values assigns a fixed color to each value from the standard set of chart colors. The Chart Colors column shows the assigned colors. Manually change assigned colors by editing picklist values. For example, if you want Closed Lost values to always show up as red in charts grouped by Opportunity Stage, assign red to that picklist value.
  • Assign colors to values dynamically assigns colors when a chart is generated. The Chart Colors column shows “Assigned dynamically” for all colors. Assign fixed colors by editing picklist values. For example, if you only need certain picklist values to show up as fixed colors in charts, manually assign colors to those values and leave the rest as “Assigned dynamically.”

Thank you so much! But I can't assign colors to the field Subject (Object Event)


Would I be able to do It? 



Thank you in advance!!


It appears you've run into an exception.  While it shows as a picklist under Setup, it's actually a unique type of field that Salesforce doesn't allow us to create ourselves (though it would be useful to be able to do so).  The only workaround I can think of is to create a custom "Subject" field to replace the standard field, but you'd want to make sure there are no adverse impacts to the way you use Tasks before doing that.


I am experiencing an issue similar to the one raised in this earlier posting.   I created a report off of a weekly snapshot of my team's oppportunities pipeline.   Even though I assigned colors to each item in the Opportunity Stage picklist, the chart that I run off of the opportunities snapshot report does not show this color ramp.   Do you know of any workaround to this problem?