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Help with a creating solution (Custom Button?)

I start with the requisite... "I'm not a developer but have been doing this long enough that with a little help I can probably get it done..." disclaimer!


I'm am trying to create a process which I think should be a fairly straightforward (see disclaimer above!)


Here is what I want to do: Create a solution where the user can submit a customer PO to our Order entry people via email with an attachment.  without going into too much detail this is how we currently submit PO's but it's done via email and outside of SFdc and so we lose visibility when something books and thus should be decremented from the Forecast...


So ideally when the user goes into an Opportunity and marks the Stage as 'Booked' they are presented with a form that gives them some basic information... "Please attach your customer PO and send to PO Approval desk..."

The user then fills out the form (Ship Date, Contact info, Ship to, etc.) and attaches the document (e-fax) and hits send and an email is then sent to a predetermined email address in the company.


I'm thinking that this can either be done with a workflow rule that triggers off of a change to the Stage field ('Booked') and I know how to do this, but my only choices are to send an email alert, create a Task, or do a Field update.... OR with a Button on the Opportunity (like "Send PO") which then marks the Opportunity as Booked... Pops up a window/form, etc. and so on.  I don't know Java so it seems like creating a Visual Force Page would be the only other option.


Anyway, if any of you kind souls have some feedback, help, suggestions, code samples, etc.  it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



This is not a Java question. If you want to go to the custom button route, there is an entry that may be related or give you ideas (as it also links to another app with Opportunity). http://blog.sforce.com/sforce/2009/05/calling-an-apex-class-directly-from-a-custom-button-or-link.html


Thanks!  -  I'll check it out.