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How do you add a section to a page layout?

I know how to get into the page layout editor and add fields and buttons and move things around.


I need to add a new section.  I don't see any button or menu item or anything for adding sections.


Anyone know where it is?



You want to go to the list of Fields (there's not a separate area in the page layout editor for Sections).  Right where you find all your fields, at the very top-left/beginning, you'll see "Blank Space" and "Section".  Click on "Section" and drag onto your page layout.  That should do it!

Rishika BhawsarRishika Bhawsar
silpa garikapatisilpa garikapati

I need to add sections in quick action page layout.Can anyone help me ? How to add sections to quick action pagelayout.
Tamal Chakraborty 2Tamal Chakraborty 2
i think you mean publisher layouts?