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Salesforce SoftPhone - MITEL

Hello everyone,




I would like to know if It's possible to connect Salesforce with a digital telephone MITEL. I've installed the Salesforce CTI demo adapter 2.0 and the Firefox plugin, but I have no idea about what to do next!




Thanks in advance!!


The demo adapter is just a simulator.  In this case your next step would be to contact PrairieFyre Software, who makes an adapter for Mitel.

Dale GantousDale Gantous

Hi there!


InGenius Connector for Salesforce and Mitel Unified Communicator Express does the job easily.  Check out http://www.ingeniussoftware.com/ingenius/CRM/mitel.asp, where you can download the product and try it out.  It does click to dial, incoming call record pop, call logging with call wrap-up codes all integrated in Salesforce.  Works with both the Mitel MCD and the Mitel 5000 PBX, and with all models of IP phone:  5312/20/24/30/40/60, and 8528/8568. If you need more help, contact us at sales@ingenius.com.





Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi, javierjies!

You might also want to check Tenfold, a CTI that can integrate Salesforce with Mitel (and other phone systems).

Tenfold's features include click-to-call that eliminates misdialing of phone numbers, automatic call logging that gets rid of useless clicks, a screen pop (caller ID) that shows relevant customer/prospect information and activity history, and a call analytics dashboard that can be used for gamification of call activities.

To learn more about Salesforce-Mitel integration via Tenfold, check this link: