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Email-to-case with custom email fields


    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone.  


I have recently encountered an issue and have been working with the premiere support for SFDC on the matter, however, it looks like there isn't going to be a non-programmatic solution.  So I thought I drop a line in here to see if anyone has encountered and crafted a solution/workaround for my issue.  I do give Kudos and always follow up on my threads.


Anyway, enough time wasting, here is my issue:


     The service cloud implementation I am working with requires that there be a few fields on the contact object of the EMAIL data type.  One of those fields is managerEmail__c.  All contacts in this implementation are actual employees of the organization, so they obviously have managers that also have their own contact record.  So, when a manager submits an email to case, the E2C process just looks for contact records with the email address that was sent in.  Since the managers email address is listed on multiple records the created case does not have the contact information populated.  Just to recap the managers email address is listed on the managers actual contact record in the EMAIL field.  It is also listed on a lot of other contacts as the managerEmail__c field.  


  So in summation, I would like to know if anyone knows of a way to have email-to-case ignore custom fields and only look at the standard EMAIL field on the contact object?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Hi Rstrunk,


Email to case does not look for the email ids in the custom fields it only looks for the Standard Contact Email feilds only.

In the “Case”Object you can find a field called “SuppliedEmail”which is looked for while assigning a Contact to that case.

This could be issue only if the Supplied Email is standard email for more than 1 Contacts in your Org.

Hence you can ignore the custom fields which have the Managers email address they are not at all considered by Email to case which assigning a Contact.




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Thanks for the response.  Yes email to case does look at any and all fields on the contact record that are of the EMAIL data type.  That is why I am having the issue.  Saleforce support has confirmed this(they even told me they have the same problem).  


Thanks a lot for replying 

  • Note, that during the matching/association when the Case is created, the system will query all indexed Email fields on the Contact records.  The logic does not simply query on the one standard Email field on the Contact record; so if there is a secondary Email field that contains the same Email Address on another record, the system will not associate the Case to a Contact.