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Sample Recruiting application installation

Is this application still included in Summer 13 releases?


I've got a new Developer free edition but it's not there; I've also got a trial froce.com edition which has 3 sample apps, but sample recruiting (Universal Containers) app is not there. (And neither on AppExchange/)


I also could not see this app in our developer edition.


I don't think this application is available anymore. The Force.com Cookbook (now called Force.com Workbook) used to provide step by step guidelines to develop this app, but now the Recruiting app guide has been replaced with the Warehouse app.


Anyhow, here is the link to the AppExchange for the Recruiting App:




Hope this helps!




I think Sample Recruiting application is not a standard application provided by Salesforce.


If you have created this application before, it should exists in Summer'13 also.


Similarly, I had created this application in my developer org & still exists after getting updated to Summer'13.


If you need the link for developer guide for sample recruiting application, you can refer link below :






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I confrmed that this app is not available in org

Sneha KashyapSneha Kashyap
Thanks CloudKnigtht, I was able to successfully install the application :)