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Way to remove the ugly via "y.6gjky.e-jcdumao.e.bnc.salesforce.com" from Gmail etc?

Every email we send from Salesforce shows up in our clients, prospects, etc email inboxes with one of these long strings:


 via lw7vxw382z3ooluh.ysr5j3mz574hjqmy.6gjky.e-jcdumao.e.bnc.salesforce.com 


We've received multiple comments about this as it looks suspicious even though it's just a cosmetic issue. Is there any simple fix to this?




You can give a try following if you have any external SMTP server:


Alex KerschhoferAlex Kerschhofer
Right, you need to configure your email relay in Salesforce. If you are using Google Apps (the paid versin) you can use Google Apps as your email relay at no costs. Find the detailed instructions here: http://www.grooveapp.com/blog/salesforce-remove-via-gmail/
Ha Nguyen 70Ha Nguyen 70
Thank you for the information Alex, since Groove's domain has been updated to https://www.groove.co/, to see the information, please go to https://blog.groove.co/blog/google-apps-as-email-relay-for-salesforce-to-remove-via-disclaimer?rq=salesforce%20remove  (https://blog.groove.co/blog/google-apps-as-email-relay-for-salesforce-to-remove-via-disclaimer?rq=salesforce%20remove )