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Unable to send emails



I am experiencing a really strange problem where I am not able to send email to the Administrator. It's just swallowing anything sent to the Admin user. I did confirm that the email are sent out if I add another admin and to me I think I traced it down to two columns in the User table...


I have ran this questy

for(User u : [SELECT u.Id, u.Profile.Name, u.ProfileId, u.Email, u.ReceivesAdminInfoEmails, u.ReceivesInfoEmails, u.Username FROM User u]) {


and this gives me a list of users in my dev environment. For some reason the Admin user that initially was used to create this account has ReceivesAdminInfoEmails = false and ReceivesInfoEmails = false, while any other created Admin account has both of these fields set to true.


Does anyone has an idea what is happening? and am I able to change both of these boolean flags to trye somewhere from  the Salesforce account setup?