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How to update a parent sobject field when a child field = today

  • So I have parent sObject insurance Policy and detail sObject Receipt.
  • A policy status is dependant on the current Receipt status. (i.e. current receipt status = expired then policy status = expired, or current receipt status = paid then policy status = paid)
  • Receipt has a formula field IsCurrent which calculates YES or NO if today is between the receipt start and end date. So one of the N Policy receipts will be the current one.
  • The first approach was with a lookup field to the Receipt in Policy; and then update this Policy field from a trigger on Receipt when it was inserted or updated. This worked but doesn't consider the fact of time passing by, and there will be a time when the current Receipt is not current anymore.
  • Second approach was with a formula field on Policy, so that it calculates which Receipt was the current one. But no SOQL on Formulas is allowed.
  • Third approach was with a Workflow on Receipt and a Time-dependant trigger fired on 0 Hours After Receipt.StartDate. But this doesn't allow me to update the Policy field.

Can somebody help me find out an effective way to accomplish this?

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

I am also in the same situation.

But we are using batch process which will be scheduled to update the field based on the date field .

Try it .


Suree thans for the reply. I'm already trying that way, but since is the first time I get into scheduled apex I'm making progress very slowly.


Do you know if the best approach is through batch process or could it be done just through a regular scheduled class?