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Change Set deployment error


We've been scratching our heads on this one and thought we'd put it out to the community for a little help.


API Name






Apex Class



Invalid type: DevDocs


Visualforce Page



Apex class 'DevAccountDocs' does not exist


DevDocs is a public abstract class which doesn't have any test coverage data. (Do we need to figure out how to test the abstract? The class is validated.)

DevAccountDocs is a sharing class extending DevDocs with 100% coverage. 


All of the fields are in the package. The problem message is a bit light to tell us exactly what we're missing. Has anyone else run into this problem.


Any thoughts are much appreciated.



Please add "DevDocs" & "DevAccountDocs (VF Page, Class)" in your chain sets with more then 75% code coverage

Jia HuJia Hu
Have you added DevDocs and DevAccountDocs in your Change Set?
There is a button called 'View/Add Dependencies' in the Outbound Change Set, you can check with it.
Club JonesClub Jones

Yes...both are in the change set. DevDocs as an abstract class is verified in the system through DevAccountDocs. But, that is an interesting idea to separate the two out as a separate change set. We'll try it.