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How to edit 'approved' records

I have set up an approval process for a custom object and the final action is to lock the record once it has been approved.


However, at some time after the record has been approved, the approver wants to be able to edit the record to mark it as 'closed'. Seems that only an admin can edit the record at this stage?


Is there some way for the approver to be able to edit the record after it has been approved, or to be at least able to set a checkbox to be able to flag the record has 'closed'?





Raumil SetalwadRaumil Setalwad

Hello Steve,

In the approval process in final step you should use field update which will update value of check box to checked from unchecked


Hope this helps



you can update the field to closed once the record is approved in Approval process itself, just insert one more field update action in approval process



Guess what I'm looking for is another stage in the approval process.

I want the record to be flagged as approved, but then at a later stage to be able to be flagged as closed.