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Merge one instance of Salesforce into another instance of Salesforce.

Looking for community input on recommendations or the best approach to merge the business process and data from one instance of Salesforce into another Salesforce instance.


Nothing to detailed, just high level approaches. Even better if anybody has had previous experience with this same scenario, or a method to do this. I am sure given the size and adoption of Salesforce over the years the process of a parent company performing a buyout of a smaller company and merging a Salesforce instance into another Salesforce instance has happened many times before. There has already been some preliminary analysis on Salesforce editions, accounts, and data to be merged.


You may want to talk to your account rep on what would be best. It all depends on what is in the two orgs and your account rep could advise you better that anyone else.


@Volly Certainly a good place to start, and who would know better then your account rep? They would also be much better at answering specific client questions. Good recomendation.


When I started looking over the requirements and the scenario? The approach the client wanted to take out of the gate? It just struck me as overly complex to begin with. Things like creating sandboxes for both orgs, APEX, REST API, merging data together for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. Went straight for some complex solution without really ever stepping back to think that there has to be an easier way or some easier form of migrating data.


Don't get me wrong I am a programmer and work on the salesforce-dotnet project, so I am all for a technical solution. Though even one quick pass through the available options yields the built-in web Data Import, the Apex Data Loader, you get the idea.


It does sound like this animal is a complicated beast. This may be something where you gradually move the data over to one org, or do a Salesforce to Salesforce.

There is also something else to consider: Having two orgs may not be a bad idea. Then again I have no idea on your setup so I'm only guessing if it would be a good thing or not.


The company being bought out? The org is small enough, < 2500 records for Leads, Accounts, etc. Salesforce to Salesforce is certainly a viable option. Especially if there is data that does not necessarily have a business rule or place yet in the new org.


It might actually be the best option since as a company is in merger that takes time and there may be processes, assignment rules, and such that needs to be slowly adopted or decions made.


These are good questions to pose.