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DATALOADER - uploaded wrong DATA



I uploaded Accounts then I uploaded Cotnacts, the contacts birthdate are completely wrong. What is the simplest way to correct this? I checked the excel files that I used to upload the Data, but not sure what happened with Dataloader, funny thing is that the Birthday's are only off by either couple of months, years or days??


Thanks in advance


IIRC, there's a setting that says what the expected format is for dates, your dates might be different to that setting.


How can I update it to the current values? here is what I've done from the begining :


Exported Master excel sheet from Sanbox.


1 - Imported all Account info from Excel to Salesforce

2- Exported all Account back to excel with new Salesforce ID's

3- Associated ALL account to clients from Sanbox excel.

4- Imported the MATCHED 902 client records manually to Salesforce

5. Find out all Birthdate info was wrong,


6. Exported wrong brithdate information with Contact ID, Account ID and Birthdate

7, the excel file used to import the contacts into Salesforce has diffrent account ID's then the New exported Account ID's Most numbers are the same except with added ( IAI + changing letters ) in each account ID numbers


Now I'm stuck and I don't want to go through it Manually again just for birthdates. Can you assist me please?


When you imported the contacts, it would of generated a success file that has all the contact Ids in, you should be able to fix the date format preference, then do an update with that success file.

Shanker NemaniShanker Nemani

Whilst importing the new file for the first time, data loader will match your fields from excel to required object. You have to assign the right fields manually, if there is some inconsistency occuring at this stage.


Or if you want to do it from where you have left, you can export the existing data into csv(excel) and modify any fields and re import the new data. I hope this should answer your situation.


*This is purely what I think, please check with someone about this before committing.


I couldnt find the file it generated, I think i might have deleted it. What do you think I should do at this point?

Shanker NemaniShanker Nemani can always export new file (if possible at this point)


However, you should be able to see the file it generated in the first place. Wait...I think I got what it is. When you export the file it is saved as Excel Worksheet format. But when you want to insert through data loader, it only looks for CSV files. So you cannot see your file from Dataloader. Check your destination directory for this. (If at all this makes any sense).


The file was deleted.


I tried doing a new export, but the unique ID is completely diffrent from the last export.

Shanker NemaniShanker Nemani

The easy way could be, you can try to figure out the difference in the date calculations in the salesforce to your original excel data sheet . Once you get that, you can write some formula to rectify the date of births to correct values all together.


This is resolved.


- Configured DATE format to MM/DD/YYY in CSV file.

- Matched AccID's with Client ID's

- Imported the file through DataLoader UPDATE function.

- Confirmed Results.


Thanks for you help.