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Database.com Pricing

I asked an Account Exec at SFDC, but she was clueless about database.com pricing.


I have 2 questions about the pricing based on the Pricing Page, perhaps someone out there has the answer.


1) The base installation includes 3 Standard Users according to the slider. But in the sidebar on the right side, it says 3 Standard Users and 3 Administrators. Does that mean 6 users all together? Or, 3 Standard Users who can have Admin rights?


2) What's the difference, practically, between a Standard (access) User and a Lightweight (functional) User? Is it that Standard users can log in to the back end force.com interface that we all love so much and change sharing, security and direct data entry, pull whereas Lightweight Users can only access/write data via the api? Or is there some other difference?


Who ever can answer these questions deserves a cookie.






  1. You get 6 users altogether, 3 admins and 3 standard users. 
  2. For an explanation about the light user in the proper context, please read Understanding Database.com System and Data Access Controls.

Please note, the Light user license type will be available with Winter 11.


Hope this helps, Steve