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force.com Sites SSL Certificate - Secure Web Address

Hi, I am trying to setup the secure web address so I can provide it to a banking service, they require this link to have https at the begining, however when I access my secure web address it crosses a line on the https indicating that there is unsecure content:




https wrong


I have verified that there is no unsecure content and tried with several VF pages and the problem persists, also verified that the option "force https" is checked, still nothing.


Any ideas how make this look something like this:


Https good


I would appreciate some help. Thanks!




Current SSL certificate returned by https://app-facturacion-incompany.force.com/ is only valid for slotmatching19.salesforce.com while you are trying to use it for app-facturacion-incompany.force.com which results in an invalid security certificate.


Any solutions?




If you need to use SSL using https://<yourdomain>.secure.force.com is your only option.


i.e. url https://app-facturacion-incompany.force.com used by topic starter has to be