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Arjun SrivastavaArjun Srivastava 

Multi-currency 401 question..Please resolve my issue.



A developer needs to support multiple currencies for a custom object in an application? Multi-currency has been enabled, what does the developer need to know to support the application?
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Must input currency ISO Field



Admin can add additional currencies once set up



Roll up summary fields will calculate incorrectly if children have multiple currencies



Track Currency changes automatically.




Hi please anyone answer this question , am preparig for 401 exam.





Answer is B and D.

Currency field is not mandatory and after currency setup you can add all supported currencies by the salesforce.

Dirish BhaugeeruttyDirish Bhaugeerutty
B & C
Subhasis SanyalSubhasis Sanyal
The correct answer is: A and B
  • C is not Correct: Currency format of children will automatically convert into the currency format of master before Roll-up. 
  • D is not Correct: To track currency changes, you need tro additionally enable "Advanced Currency Management".
Source: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=admin_enable_multicurrency_implications.htm&language=en_US
Hi Subhasis -- Thanks for explanation...it's clearing my doubt :)