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Best way to track VF page layout changes?

We're trying to synchronize SFDC and another application with the REST API (although I might be able to use SOAP).


Basically we have a Visualforce page which acts like a detail page for an object, showing all the field labels and their values.


If a new field is added/removed, its name is changed or a user gains/loses access to these fields, I need to be able to track these changes.  I also need to track Picklist values and dependencies.  An external application will then check for changes for a particular user and the webservice should send them back in the response.


I saw that there was a describeLayout() API call but I assume that

a) This is only available for SOAP

b) This would only return SFDC Page Layouts, not layouts within a Visualforce page.


Can anyone give me any tips?




You are right, describeLayout() will return the standatd page layout however not VF page layout.

I dont think there is direct tool to compare change in Visualforce page because it is realtime always.


You can opt for below solutions:

  1. Use the SVN tool to store all the salesforce related metadata inclusing VF pae. for client you can use Tortoise SVN.
  2. Using "Find Difference Tool" you can eaily determine that what are the changes done in your visualforce as compared to previously stored page.
  3. You can also use the System change log to determine who have changed the VF page.