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getUpdated method question


I'm trying to set up a data change polling scheme for data replication and was curious if it was posssible to specify more than one object type in the first arg to the getUpdated or getDeleted methods, i.e. can you use a comma-delimited list of object type names and get changes for all of them in one call?

My issue is that I need to track Account, Contact, and Product2 updates and deletes for my replication and I'd like to poll every five minutes, but will the WebService allow me to poll for different object types before the mandatory five minute delay is up?  This could cause some serious scheduling issues for my polling intervals if not

Thanks in advance.  I am using SForce Version 3.0 and Java1.4.2_04.


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Hi efletcher,

First, the answer to your first question is no, you can only supply one object name per call.

You should not have anything to worry about.  The getupdated and getdeleted calls will return well before your 5 min interval.  If nothing is returned, as is not uncommon, each call takes about a second.  On the other hand, if 60 things have been changed, the ids only are returned (for getUpdated) and this takes maybe 4 seconds.  In the case of getDeleted the return contains the deleted dates for each record as well.  Again for 60 items we are talking just a few seconds.

What you do these items may take you a while, but the pattern should be to queue them up for the longer running process.




Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.  I think I'm a little confused about the the way the WebService API is working.  Are you saying that I can invoke the getUpdated call more than once every five minutes?   From reading the docs, I go the impression that it was a restriction, i.e. the built in controls keep you from invoking getUpdated but once in a five minute time frame.  Am I taking the docs too literally?