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The 10000 character limitation on the sql string ...

The 10000 character limitation on the sql string for the query method limits the number of records that can be filter by IDs to approx. 340 records.  Any plans on removing the limitation?

If you're trying to filter by Id, why don't you used retreive instead ?

Thanks Simon,

I missed this one while looking over the online doc.  But this call has also has a limitation of 2k.  A first time user in our application (or one that hasn't logged in for a while) will sync up to much more than that... so I guess the burden still lies on the user to provide the necessary logic.

Thanks again for the quick response.


This limit is really painful as the SOQL does not allow a "select *" functionality as in the database. I would have thought that there should be a way to indicate a higher limit. We are basically stuck as there are huge # of fields to a Custom table and we are not able to pull data from this Custom Table.

Any thoughts on how one would solve such a problem?


Do it in 2 halves. Do you really need to select all the fields ? (e.g. for DBReplication style applications, we don't recommend replicating formula field values)

I'm also running into this problem while using the Apex Explorer 8.0. I can't see all the fields because it breaks the 10K limit. I'm currently trying to write a mapping program to transfer data from salesforce to our database and being able to see all the fields in a table is a pretty big necessity so I can map the fields correctlyA "select *" type functionality would seem like a must. We had an OQL ourselves at my previous company and it had the table.* function.


Currently I have to manually un-check a bunch of fields and do it in pieces which is both cumbersome and time consuming,