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Customer Portal user not seeing Custom field of User object

I created custom checkbox field in User object. When I log in to Customer Portal of any contact, I am not able to see

the field when I click on Edit in the personal information.


I checked the Field level security. The field is made visible for the Customer Portal Profile.


Is it a standard functionality that Custom fields of User object is not visible for Customer Portal users?





I'm having the same problem, where the custom objects are not showing up under a profile that has a "Customer Portal Manager" user license.  (i have Developer Edition account)


On a similar note, I'm trying to finish the force.com Developer Guide and in chapter 14 it says you can create a customer portal login page with self-registing and the self-registering is failing as well.  The email that I get just says "Unfortunately, you are ineligible for registering an account at this time."  but I'm showing I have 10 free license


any help would be greatly appreciated.