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Approval Process and sending email alerts

I created an Approval Process which works fine. Everytime the object is rejected - an email alert is sent to the submitter. The problem I am having is there a way to include the rejection comments in the email.


I did some digging into this and rejection comments/status are buried in an object called ProcessInstanceStep that I cannot access via an APEX trigger or workflow.


Any hints on how people worked around this issue?





I have the same issue.  All the other merge fields appear to work correctly, but not ot the approval fields.  What are we missing?




I have the same issue.  I need access to the rejection comments to include on my workflow email.  Does anyone know how I can do this?

Thanks,  Terry


Anyone find a workaround for this yet?  I'm stuck as well.


I haven't found anything yet.  I hope a Salesforce resource is monitoring and can respond with some guidance.