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Using Picklist in formula Field?

I have created a custom object and I want to use a picklist in a formula field. All I really want to do is display this field on my custom object. Is there a way to do that without using a Formula field since I cannot use a picklist in the way I want. I do not want to override the pages with visualforce I know this is one way to just put an output field of the picklist on the page.


This is all I am trying to do: Account__r.Operational_Status__c.


Where Operational_Status__c is a custom picklist.  I just want the value that is selected in this picklist to appear on a different object's detail view.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Try TEXT(Account__r.Operational_Status__c)

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Try TEXT(Account__r.Operational_Status__c)
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Is it also possible to get the translated value? For example I have translation workbench enabled, and I want to show current value in formula, I want to get the translated value...


Did you ever get an answer to your translation question?

Key West KevKey West Kev

I am having a similar problem adding 5 new field values (each are a pick list of 0,1 or 2.   I created a field called Total Business Score, that I want to add up the total score of the 5 fields.  


The simple formula is;


Invoice_Complexity__c  +  Support_Score__c  +  Reporting_Score__c  +  Conformity_Score__c  +  Coding_Score__c


The error is stating;

Error: Field Invoice_Complexity__c is a picklist field. Picklist fields are only supported in certain functions.


How can I add the values of the 5 picklist values to autopopulate the total field? 

Not sure if you already solved this but here is the answer just in case
value(text(Invoice_Complexity__c)) + value(text(Support_Score__c)) + value(text(Reporting_Score__c)) + value(text(Conformity_Score__c)) + value(text(Coding_Score__c))

Thanks Man!!!


Thanks so much for sharing this solution! This helped me too. 

Gaurav RaoGaurav Rao
Thanks for sharing.. This worked like charm :)
Matthew HauckMatthew Hauck
So simple but so helpful! Happy to have picklists to populate other objects! Thanks - not sure why this is so hard to find other places. 
Sunil Shah 8Sunil Shah 8
Thanks Captain Obvious. Saved the day !!!
Blair ColeBlair Cole
Thanks Captain Obvious. I learned something new while playing around in Salesforce :)