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why salesforce auto update closedate of opportunity if I change account ??


I see that SF auto update the close date every time I change(not rename) the account of opportunity, why?? Does it normal for SF ?


For example:

I have opportunity with:

won = true

closedate = 01 jan 2010

stagename = close/won


today 21 may 2010 if I change(not rename) account of the opportunity , because I check that is wrong, and I save the opportunity the results will be:


won = true

closedate = 21 may 2010

stagename = close/won


I have no worfkflow or trigger active, that do this change of closedate.


I think it is a bug of salesforce.


Another bug is that in 21 may 2010, if I change account of the opportunity some workflow will be fired again. This workflow that will be fired doesn't have any criteria linked to the change of account!!



I think you either have a workflow or a trigger changing the close date. It might not be doing it intentionally - could be a side effect or a bug.


Hi- I recently discovered this problem myself... go to your opportunity stage field... you will see that each stage has a related "Forecast Category" ... If your "Forecast Category" is "Closed" .... the system will automatically change the close date to todays date if you have a future date in there... I guess the thinking is that for forecasting, if you have something as closed, it can't be a future date....


If you are not using forecasting, than you can just change the forecast category... if you are using forecasting you may want to create your own custom field instead of using the out of box close date field... hope that helps!!




i try to change the value "close" into custom value, but problem is not solved.


did you try chaning it to one of the other out of the box values?


- I go to field of opportunity called stagename

- I choose from "Opportunity Stages Picklist Values" my "close/won" and edit it

- into "forecast category" I choose a value different from "close"



Correct,  that fixed the problem for me... The only other thing that I can suggest is that perhaps you need to do the same for your closed lost or any other stage values where you have closed as the forecast category...




My other stage value hasn't closed as the forecast category


If thats the case the only other think I can think of are field updates or triggers ....



Vishal (Sops)Vishal (Sops)

Changing forrecast category won't help at all. It may fix the issue but will affect the reporting. Reports based on close date will pull incomplete data. Hence affecting dashboards as well. Only way to fix this is to have a workflow that will change this CHANGED CLOSED DATE value to its PRIOR value.


Hello Vishal,

                      Could you let me know the formula that needs to be used in the field update action for preventing the closedate to populate today's date when its set to a future date. i have difficulty building  the logic. Appreciate your help!





The formula you need to put in the field update is simply "PRIORVALUE( CloseDate )". Our rule criteria looks something like this:


Opportunity: Close Date EQUALS TODAY AND Opportunity: Stage EQUALS Closed/Won


I'm also having the same problem with workflow rules triggering when the account that the opportunity is assigned to is changed but the rule criteria have already been met (the evaluation criteria is "Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria") and can't figure out a way around it. I've tried all sorts, including changing the "Type" and "Forecast Category" values of the stage value which triggers the rule to something other than Closed.


The only workaround I have come up with is to change the field accessiblity setting of the "Account Name" field of the opporunity object so that only users with a certain profile are able to change it (administrators, for example) and set the rule criteria of the workflow rule to only trigger when the user is NOT someone with the permissions to change the "Account Name" field. 


In a practical environment you could say that only your sales people can change the stage of an opportunity and only managers or system admin can change the accounts which the opportunity is related to, but the latter never change the stage themselves. Perhaps manageable in smallers orgs but a bit of a pain for larger ones.


If anyone has alternative workarounds for this then I'm all ears.