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Bibek RathBibek Rath 

Rename "Convert Lead" option on Blackberry



How do i rename the Convert Lead option on the Leads page (on Blackberry) to another name.

For e.g Instead of "Convert Lead", the option should be "Submit Lead".



Bibek Rath



create a custom button called "submit lead" which links to the url of "convert lead", then hide "convert lead" in pagelayout

Bibek RathBibek Rath

I have tried that. However, the Custom Buttons are not visible on Blackberry.


have you added the button in pagelayout? After creation, it is not automatically visible, you have to manually do it.

Bibek RathBibek Rath

It is visible on the standard page lay out for Leads. Have you ever created a custom button to be visible on Blackberry?


then you can create a mobil link instead

Bibek RathBibek Rath

Thanks, I have created a mobile link already. It is working when i use it from web but not from BB.


When i click on the mobile lnik on BB, it gives an error.

It prompts the following:

You are attempting to open a  secure connection to:

  • c.cs3.visual.force.com but the server’s certificate contains a different domain name:
  • *.cs0.force.com


-close connection

- view certification

- Don’t ask again


When i click on continue, it gives an error.

I think it is faling beacuse it is trying to open VF page.



I guess you create a vf link, maybe you can try with weblink, something like this




I haven't tried with relative url before, not sure it works or not.