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custom button or custom tool for cases



we are using cases for our service and support department.  I need create some butoon or tool or page or whatever which on demand Close all selected cases. We sometime get email-to-case which is invalid and we don't want to delete them, but close with case reason as invalid. The best for us is modification of standard CASES page to add custome button like picture below, or add some custom tool which will contain this button.


Is it possible?









     You have to create a List Button and include it in the List view of your Case List view.


Make sure you are checking "Display Checkboxes (for Multi-Record Selection)" checkbox while configuring the button.


In button's code (essentially JavaScript) you can use {!GETRECORDIDS} function to collect all the Ids of the record that needs to be closed, and that is done in UI by merely checking the checkboxes besides the individual records in List.


The collected record Ids can be used to query records of the case and update the case status as closed.

This way is pretty JS code intensive. Hope it works out for you.




Thank you  :) i found where it is.

Now I have to learn how to write code for button...


What do you think? JavaScript is the best solution for manipulating with selected cases?


Could you please link me documentation which tell me how to write code for button?


Thank you again