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Workflow limits

Is there any limits on number of workflows can fire in day? or is it unlimited? Each workflow can have a field update which may call a trigger to fire also. So if 10000 workflows fire at a time, how salesforce handles that? any idea or suggestions?



Bhaskar Roy


I think there limita w.r.t. workflows :-

1. In the number of workflows you can have in an org

2. In the hourly limit of workflow firing


I say so as during 1 of my projects I got the following mail from salesforce:-

Subject:-  Hourly limit exceeded for processing workflow time triggers

Your organization (XYZ-ABC) has reached its hourly limit for processing workflow time triggers. Processing will resume in the next hour. For information on application limits, see the salesforce.com online help.


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What are those limit values? any idea?


Rules Limit Details ---
1.Total Rules   Allowed  (Limits apply  to any combination of workflow,  assignment, auto-response, and escalation   rules, both active and inactive.)
300 per object and 1000 per org (for Enterprise,Unlimited,Developer,Proffessional).
Note:- Not Available for (Personal, Contact Manager & Group edition)

2. Workflow  Rules and  Approval Processes
For Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited Editions, each workflow rule and approval
process can have:

• 10 time triggers
• 40 immediate actions
• 40 time-dependent actions per time trigger

Note that for both immediate and time-dependent actions, there can be no more than:
• 10 email alerts
• 10 tasks
Note:- Not Available for (Personal, Contact Manager, Group & Professional edition)

3. Workflow  Time Triggers  Per Hour  500 (Enterprise), 50 (Developer), 1000(Unlimited)
Note:- Not Available for (Personal, Contact Manager, Group & Professional edition)

4.  Active Rules (Limits apply to any combination of active workflow, assignment, auto-response, and escalation rules.
 50 per object (for Enterprise,Unlimited,Developer & Proffessional Edition).
Note:- Not Available for (Personal, Contact Manager, Group edition)


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Hey folks, I have a query...


I have 1 workflow rule with a field update. This is a time dependant update, with an unlimited number of records being updated.



As I understand it, I can have 500 Workflow Time Triggers Per Hour (Enterprise). What I am not clear on, is what happens if I breach 500 records? Do they just not update? Or do they delay? 



To clarify, it is a single TD workflow which updates multiple records.

Kayla BorgKayla Borg

This is the question I keep running into and not finding an answer to as well...

I'm trying to build a workflow - one rule, one field update - but that one field update may update as many as 150,000 records. So what can I expect to happen if it tries to update that many records at once?


Amal DominicAmal Dominic
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