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Adding a Custom Object to Search results

Seems like a simple question, but I can't see where this is set.


I created a custom object, Account Thing, which is related to Accounts with a Master-Detail relationship.

It has a text area field, Body.


It has a Search Results Layout, and if i search for something contained in Body, a result returns.


I created another analogous custom object, Contact Thing.  It also has a text area field, Body.


It does not have a Search Results Layout.  If i search for something contained in Body, nothing returns.


I'm thinking there must be a flag or search setting that i set for Account Thing, but I can't find it now.


Any help is appriciated!



Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

you have checked Contact thing in the scope of the global search ? You know it lets you check across which objects you are searching, might be worth checking if contact thing is checked. 


Where is the 'global search' scope setting located? 


I can get to App Setup > Customize > Search > Search Settings.


There is a list of Lookup Settings, where you can check Enhanced Lookups or Lookup Auto Completion.


But nothing there is checked, even the objects that are returned in a normal search.

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

the options interface appears slightly changed in spring 12, if im thinking right

try searching now, and on the search results page, you get  alist of the objects along the left

clicking on each tells you the relevant results you've foound in that scope

also you can click on the pins next to object names to 'pin' those objects as priority search scopes.


Yes, I see the list of objects that are being searched in when i get a search results set.


Account Thing is in the list.


But Contact Thing, or any other Custom Object I create is not in that list.


My problem is finding where I can add a Custom Object to the search list. 


Create a tab for Contact Thing


I have never seen an object created does not have Search Layout....Strange to me..


Is the object is the Deployed state or IN development stage?





Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

You should be able to see all the custom objects along the left hand side on the search results page, and hit the pin next to each object to add that to search scope ?

Look at the Spring 12 Release notes for greater detail on this - I reckon this is a new thing that has come along in Spring 12

Prior to that, there was just an options link below the search bar, where you could pick the objects to search across.


I believe..Unless we create a Tab for a custom object, we cannot search for its records using global search as the left side bar search drop down doesnt list the custom object.

David RajahDavid Rajah
For addings files in the Lightning Global Search, Check if you have enabled Chatter access to the particular Profile.