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Junction object consuming too much storage space.

Hello all,


Recently I have been building a new Salesforce custom application that contains two custom objects. The purpose of these custom objects is to store questions that we pose to our contacts (Question__c), and also the answers that they provide (Answer__c). The answer object is a junction object that has master detail relationships with both the custom question object and the standard contact object.


This works well for us as a data model. We can interact with the data effectively through the standard salesforce GUI and reports. However, we are finding that our storage space is being filled up rapidly. Each answer a customer gives takes 2KB worth of storage, which seems a lot considering a large proportion of the questions require simple "Yes" or "No" answers.


Can anybody suggest a better way to model the data so that storage is not exceeded so quickly, while maintaining the usability of the data within the standard Salesforce GUI. 


Before custom fields on the contact object are suggested, we intend to store over 500 questions eventually, which would exceed the maximum amount of custom fields permitted on an object.


I don't think there is a way to lessen the amount of storage you're consuming. You should either buy more storage from SFDC or figure out a way to get what you need out of the data while it's in SFDC and then archive it offline, maybe in a local SQL database, so that you can still access it easily organization-wide. Not convenient, obviously, but I don't think you have many options.


Thanks to both of you for your thoughts on this. It seems like this is just one of those annoying constraints of the platform in its current state.


I hope in the future this kind of relationship will be a less constrained, perhaps by making junction objects special lightweight objects that do not require as much space.


With that in mind, vote up my idea :D


Yeah, it actually forces bad database design. We have an object with 10 lookup fields to another object, since we know we'll never need more, and that limits storage space used. But it's still bad design, and we felt dirty doing it.

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