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Service cloud console api dead. killed by SP12

So here I am trying to enjoy a nice sat with my kids. And I get a call. Apparently, Sp12 has murdered the service cloud console API. All versions from what we can tell. even old ones. that should be backwards supported/compatible/whatever. Tried salesforce example code from page 7 of:


No love (by the way you should really use showheader=false and sidebar=false). JS error:


"Uncaught ReferenceError: Sfdc is not defined" in integration.js.  


The cloud and I aren't on speaking terms. Maybe we should see other people.........or cumulus formations.......whatever......

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Hi folks,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We were scrambling to get a fix out once we realized what had happened. Lots of love for the API, and many more methods to come.

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Wow, seems a bit incredible.

In fact, I'm sure that our pages on sandboxes are working as before. I guess it's rather not possible that you imagine mistakes ;), so maybe it's a matter of one of your custom js libraries ? I had a situation when after including some other js library my integration.js stopped working ...


I do agree.

I experienced similar problems and I have already spent 2 days trying to fix it.

I was getting javascript exception like "Sfdc is undefined", Sfdc.somethignProxy is undefined etc.

I identified that salesforce no longer included on my custom VF pages  xdomain.js some js portion which defines the Sfdc javascript object.

It was all working on winter 12 but not on Spring 12.

Also my browser hangs quite often when I try to open the main Service Cloud Console page, again with a js error. This happens to me on Mozilla Firefox 10 and Chrome.


Another weird problem is that the Custom Console Components I added to my page (a component to appear on the right of the detail page) stopped appearing when I try to enter new records.


I have opened 3 cases with SF and I am waiting on their response.




I checked today, and the javascript error is actually gone. Both in our development and the customer sandboxes.


Somebody must have sat up and took notice and fixed something on the SFDC side. But nobody has responded to my Case. I'm willing to bet most people were too occupied with Superbowl weekend to check SFDC and notice the problem :)


Hi folks,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We were scrambling to get a fix out once we realized what had happened. Lots of love for the API, and many more methods to come.

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Thanks for looping us in on what was happening in the background, Gautum. It's great it was resolved so quickly. I also got a response from support now. Looking forward to more love to come :)



Thanks for letting us know.

Any clues as to why wouldn't the Custom Console Components show consistently on the page in one of our customer's sandboxes?

Do you think that refreshing the sandbox will fix it?





Hi Kos,

Not enough information here for me to make a suggestion. Are you seeing a js error?


Hi gvasudev,

I was seein a js error. The error was Sfdc is not defined. This was due to a missing initialization javascript on the page. After that I was seeing sfdc.console.crossDomainProxy is not defined which was due to missing include of xdomain.js.

Those problems have no gone away.

The only remaining problem that I have is with Custom Console Components not showing consistently.

I have created a custom visual force page. I have included that page to be a custom console component sitting on the right side in my Account's layout.

When I open the Account's detail view in the Service Clous Console I see the component, when I open edit view I do not see it. I also do not see it when I open a new account then hit save to go to details view.

FYI this also happens on Leads so it is not Accounts specific.


That is a big problem at the moment.

Please let me know if you have any susggestions.





Are you overrding any of these views with Visualforce pages? Are you using record types?


The reason I ask is because sidebar components are associated with page layouts. If you have overwritten a view, we don't know which page layout is being used, and can't render any components.


If you can record a video that would be great. Otherwise file a customer case. This may seem like a long winded process, but these do come our way and determine our backlog.


Hi gvasudev,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have filed a customer case, I have attached screenshots to it showing what I am doing and I have granted SF access to the org.

The case number is: 06984472


Please take a look if possible.

I cannot show you a video or screenshots in this forum because the org is one of our customer's orgs and I do not have permission to do that.


In regards to your questions: we are using record types but we are not overriding any views.


Thanks again,