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Sidebar broken in Chrome after Spring '12

Has anyone noticed that the "Recent Items" in sidebar started acting weird after the Spring '12 release if you're using Chrome?  When you click a link in the recent items it collapses and most of the time doesn't direct you to the new page.  I noticed it in the sandboxes that were upgraded to Spring '12 over the last few weeks but figure that it was such a glaring issue that it wouldn't find it's way to production orgs; this morning, I'm seeing that the issue is in production.  Is there a setting in Chrome that causes this or an oversight by SFDC's QA?


We noticed this in our organization before the spring 12 update. It does not happen in Firefox. I always have our org open in two different browser at the same time. I wish I could stick to one but because of little breaks like these I need to be able to switch back and forth easily.


After a bit of research I found this:  http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=111421 (looks like it was reported by someone from SFDC).


Looks like a Chrome bug that coincidently appeared around the same time as the Spring '12 sandbox upgrades.  There is a post in the link that discusses SFDC.


Thanks for the update. I faced the same issue and was thinking about a bug in latest release from salesforce.

Kent ManningKent Manning

We noticed this in our production org about 2 weeks ago and it is not related to Spring '12 release of Salesforce.  The interesting thing is that it is only the recent items list that is doing this.  Any other links in the sidebar work just fine.  It is also only when one clicks on the link.  If you use ALT+# it will go to that page just fine.


I contacted Premier support about this and they told me that they are aware of it and working on a solution, however they don't have a time line for when a solution will be available.