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Lookup Filter on Child object Field that depends on a Parent Object Field (help)



i have the following scenario:


In the Child Object I have a custom field that is a Lokup object and i'm trying

to setup a Lookup filter that depends on one custom field on the Parent



The problem is that i cannot access the field of the Parent Object  in the Lookup

Field. The only workarount is to copy the parent object custom field in the

child object.


Is there any other solution?


Many thanks 


Have you checked Salesforce help for any tips? Per the "Implementation Notes", lookup filter criteria cannot reference the following types of fields on the source object ...

  • Autonumber
  • Encrypted
  • Formula
  • Long text area
  • Multi-select picklist
  • Roll-up summary
  • Text
  • Text area
  • URL

There are other restrictions and limitations as well. The URL I was on is at


Thanks for your reply.


But actually i think this links give the information i need, but still don't solve my problem.


It says


A dependent lookup is a relationship field with a lookup filter that references fields on the source
object. For example, you can configure the case Contact field to only show contacts associated
with the account selected in the case Account Name field.


What if i want to filter by another field in the Account object?




What are the fields you're trying to access in the filter? What data types are these fields?




thank you very much for your time!


the data in the filter are Strings, and the data type is a lookup.


Would you like an example?




I believe I have the same problem. 


I am trying to enforce a business rule that only products that are produced by a facility can appear on that facility's certification certificate. In other words, a facility certificate cannot contain products that are produced by other facilities.


I have a collection of standard and custom objects connected by a intersection object. Account->Facility->Facility Products<-Products.


Elsewhere, I have another set of objects with another intersection Certification->Product Certifications<-Products.


One of the attributes of of the Certification object is a Facility. I need to create a lookup filter so that only products that belong to the facility being certified can be selected as a Product in the Product Certification.


The existing lookup filter functionally does not handle this since I can only filter the Product field on the Certification object as far as Certification and cannot access anything beyond.


The necessary filter on the Product field in the Certification Object should look like this:


Product: Record ID equals Product Certification: Certification: Facility: Facility Product: Product: Record ID


Unfortunately, the system does not recognize anything beyond this: Product: Record ID equals Product Certification: Certification.


Everything after Certification is inaccessible.


Is there any way to work around this problem?






Still no answer, can someone help?

This still seems to be an issue. I can't set a filter on a field on the parent object. Any solutions anybody?

I tried the below without any success:
Create a formula field on the child that copies over the field value from parent. Issue: I cannot set the filter on the formula field.
Tried to create text field and set the default to the parent's field value. Issue: Default value cannot refer to the parent.

Only two annoying options I am left with are:
1. Move/Duplicate the field from parent to child.
2. List all the records without filter and do a trigger level validation.
Francisco RiccomagnoFrancisco Riccomagno
Still no naswersw on this? I'm having a similar issue, and don't know how to solve it.
Tanvi Jog 7Tanvi Jog 7
In case of a lookup filter, name of the lookup field created on child object is a reference to access fields from the respective parent object.
To access fields from Parent object in lookup filter please refere below example.

1. Lookup relationship created between objects objA and objB. Lookup field is on objB named "LkpFieldB" which is targetting objA.
2. Field named "FieldA" is created on objA.
3. Go to lookup field LkpFieldB on objB. In section Lookup filter click on lookup icon near field textbox. Insert Field list will get populated.
4. In Insert Field list you will see option LkpFieldB > on left side which is a reference to the fields from your Parent object objA. 
5. Click on LkpFieldB > select fields from objA.
Ajay B RAjay B R
Hi Everyone,

I have a lookup field (referring a Custom Object) in activity with a lookup filter on Account (a Custom lookup field). It seems to be working in New Task/New Event page although it is mentioned that Lookup filters on activities cannot reference relationship fields. But the issue is - In "Log a Call" page, the lookup filter is working in the current call related fields, but it is not working in the "Schedule Follow-up task" Section fields. Can some body help me here.

Thanks & Regards