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finished SF tutorials but not sure how realtime SF app intergrate all



I wanted to become a salesforce developer, so i learned customization of salesforce , apex and visual force tutorials. now i want to understand how these are used in realtime.


1. from visual force i can create custom webpages and i can use the custom objects and custom fields to form my page. and i can write some controller, triggers to point of the object and kick off some processes. but do i have to really create objects and fields each time for a custom application?


2. is it possible to create custom objects and fields using apex? i know i can use the fields from visual force and i can have some business logic using apex. but can i depend of apex and visual force to create all custome obejcts etc.


3. how the apps are provided to the real user? does the user should have access to salesforce? consider i want to provide a webpage to user just only through link without salesforce login/ any registration. is that possible.


4.  how a development process will go from business requirement. 


Please help me in understanding these points of let me know if you know any blogs or video on this one. i searched in the community and google but i could not see any.