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Webapplication development help needed



I am trying to create a record with user inputs from different visual force page. I got struck in between.


like page 1 gets 2 user inputs and then navigate to page 2 and get 2 more inputs and then inserting the records. the problem is all the 4 fields in the record are mandatory. so if i save the fields after first page, it throws DML exception and if i save in page 2 also ith throws because the values of first page are missing.


There is no session object in salesforce i guess..what can i do to handle this situation.



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you should use




suppose on page 1 when you click on save or next button your method should be like


public pagereference next(){

   pagereference pg = page.yoursecondpagename;


  // when you set is as false it will not create new instance of the controller and on second page you will get all the value of the //controller.

   return pg;



do not do dml operation on page one button click.


on second page after populating fields call the action method to do dml operation


Hope it will help you